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Do you have news that you’d like to get out to the Salties Community? Well we can putthat information here! If you have something you’d like to share, please email Vinny Foti with the news and your contact information.

Paul Stankus put together the 2014 Canal Cleanup Team.

The group gathered at 8:30AM on the Saturday of September 27th in time for the coffee and donuts (Thanks Paul!); but too late for the Canal blitz that occurred about an hour earlier. Our Vice President, Joe Giannetti was lucky enough to get the word on time and fished it for a short time before reporting for cleanup duty. Don’t forget to ask Joe how he made out! After ‘breakfast’ and instructions, the morning was spent removing trash and appreciating the Canal’s awesome environment.

While the cleanup was progressing, our cooks prepared lunch for the tired and hungry volunteers.

While at Striperfest, after the Canal Cleanup, Steve Israelian caught fellow Saltie Ken Whiting at his display. Ken is a talented Fish and Bird carver.

Posted October 2014