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November 2018 Newsletter

Cape Cod Salties November 2018 Newsletter
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 President's Message
November 2018 President’s Message
Hello, Fisherpeople!

On October 27, Bruce MacLeod and I attended The Fisherman’s Workshop in Warwick, RI. A summary of the meeting will be attached to this mailing. I hope you get an opportunity to read this and plan on being an advocate for Magnuson-Stevens. Please pay particular attention to the “Challenges identified” section of the summary.

At the October 24th Fish Dinner, Lou MacKeil cooked for the Salties for the 59th year in a row and served up a great codfish supper! Everyone there enjoyed the meal, and we thank all the Salties who helped with prep, cooking, and clean-up. Beverly and Richard Stec won the door prize and donated the money to the Salties Foundation.

On a sad note, in case you missed it, Vice President Randall Sherman’s wife Ruth lost her long battle with cancer. The local service as a celebration of her life will be on Sunday, Nov. 18, from 1-3 at the Flax Pond Recreation Area off of White’s Path in South Yarmouth.

Thanks, and hold tight!

Jack  (, 508 394-2983)
Summary of The Fisherman’s Workshop in Warwick, RI
Draft Fishermen’s Workshop Report

The Fishermen’s Workshop was held Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Radisson Hotel Warwick, RI.  The goal of the day-long workshop was to enhance awareness of MSA and proposed legislative changes that would negatively impact its conservation measures with select conservation minded fishing community leaders in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  The workshop also aimed to identify MSA conservation champions that could serve as conservation advocates moving forward and to introduce a new fishing guides association.
The workshop included an introduction that highlighted the purpose of the meeting which focused on striped bass, an ice-breaker to get the group working together, a session on MSA history and status today, group work where participants brainstormed fishing related challenges, a voting/consensus building exercise, a review of the newly formed fishing guides association, a presentation on personal advocacy action plans, an open brainstorming session on what would be needed to help participants become MSA conservation advocates, and a discussion on next steps.  See attached agenda.
Workshop attendees
Attendance at the workshop included some of the most conservation, pro fishing minded and influential individuals in the fishing community in the tri state (CT, MA and RI) area.
Leaders from the fishing industry gear and tackle sector, fishing club and association leaders, fishing guides, charter captains and fishing writers in attendance have networks that reach thousands of people.
Participants included eleven charter captains and fishing guides, leadership from nine fishing clubs and associations, and six fly, shore and boat anglers.
Challenges identified
Workshop participants identified four key changes (see attached worksheets) including:
•    Striped bass… a slot limit of 18” to 28”, engagement to stop black market/poaching activity, not opening the EEZ in the Block Island Transit Zone or along the coast to striped bass fishing.  Received 21 participant votes.
•    Better enforcement, concern for forage fish (herring, Atlantic menhaden), appropriate representation to find and express our voice, each received 12 or 13 votes.
•    Other challenges expressed that received six to eight votes included managing for abundance, climate change, clean water and environmental concerts.

Help needed
Help MSA conservation advocates said they needed included the following:
1.    When to act on issues (alerts?)
2.    How to contact congress
3.    Local and regional meetings
4.    Article topics they can run with
5.    Local issues with larger impacts
6.    Fishing access spots
7.    Quick facts talking points
8.    Economic impact of recreational fishing i.e. jobs, fishing license sales, tourism
9.    Easy to contribute
10.    Straight line to connect everyone
11.    Synopsis of information for clubs to help them communicate with members
12.    Videos on issues

Next steps
•    Workshop Report sent to participants with attendee contact list
•    Identify needed items we want to produce and incorporate in our action plan, items that we are moving forward with will be communicated in an ‘Action Plan Tool Kit’ the week of Nov. 5th.
•    Items being explored are noted above and include an issue alert every two weeks; issue highlights and talking points; a presentation road shore for clubs, associations and businesses; offers to join Fissues and the Guides association; links to recreational economic impact data by sector and state for use by participants; how to communicate with senators and representatives; and a host of other Acton Plan Tool Kit items being developed.

Workshop participant comments
Below are some comments we have received to date from participants in regard to the workshop.
Hi Tony:
On behalf of myself, Sean Torre and the JMH CUSTOMS TEAM, we thank you very much for allowing us to be a part of this very important movement. We look forward to working with you and the other gentlemen to put our fisheries back in a positive direction. Please keep us updated on anything and everything that comes up.
Thank you, John Hanas (Owner JHM Customs)
Hi Dave:  
Great morning Saturday! Thank you for the invite and I look forward in passing the word to all those I’m involved with. Please keep me informed on what we will be doing going forward!
 Best always, Ed Lombardo  (Fly Instructor/Guide, Expert Fly Tyer, Fisherman and Author)
Hi Capt. Dave:
The weather was rainy, windy, not a good day to be one the water. That was a plus yesterday.
So all our minds and effort were channeled on discussions on how to make sure we have a healthy and abundance stock of our future fisheries. You put together a seller cast of important, knowledgeable educators that gave as a snapshot of today and future expectations. The program was informative, reflects many hours of prep, and continued to roll thru the day without hesitation or boredom.
I love your enthusiasm, dedication, and your tireless efforts in the field of conversation and for your presenters. So many just touch the surface or just go thru the motions and never seem to follow thru on their convictions. Talk is cheap; actions require much effort and dedication. That was pointed out yesterday. Feel free to share this message with your panel of experts if you like.
In conclusion, every little drop of rain helps, as an example of yesterday’s storm. I'm hoping everyone one of us adds a glass of water, so our swimming pool and fill over the top in this area of marine conservation.
Thanks so much to everyone involved for your effort, travel, and sacrifice.  May we see bountiful, healthy oceans again for all to enjoy.
My best, Ray… Capt. Ray Stachelek, Cast-a-Fly Charters
Hi Tony:
Hey man good meeting you on Saturday. I had no idea how crazy the situation is down in the gulf. Doing some research into the commercial end with the homelessness and "sea-hab" for the drug addled community. It is really sad with the quota situation, and the way that money and power has destroyed a beautiful industry. Absolutely crazy stuff. Keep in touch man, I gotta come down to Maryland and do some fishing!!
Sean Torrie (JMH CUSTOMS, commercial and recreational fisherman)
Thank you so much for inviting me to Angler Workshop. I was truly honored to be there amongst fishing legends from all around our great nation. I learned a lot and made some really nice new friends. You should be very proud to have put together such a unique and magnificent event that will hopefully produce far reaching positive results. So many people were impressed by your organizational skills and said nice things about you. The food was great and I really enjoyed the entire interaction. I even told Charley Witek how much I enjoyed his writing, especially, “…spawned a whole school of red herring…”, which created an elaborate new fishing description! Thanks for thinking of me Dave, I am grateful for being included.
Take care, Eddie Doherty
(Surf and Cape Cod Canal Fishermen, Fishing Author, Buzzards Bay Fishing Club)
Club News and Information
November Meeting Speaker  
This month's speaker will be Larry Dapsis, he will be giving us an update of the tick situation on Cape Cod.

October Meeting
         Not a lot to report for the October meeting, we had a fantastic fish dinner prepared by Chef Lou MacKeil and many other volunteers. Everyone had a great time and absolutely nobody left hungry. There were a lot of people who worked very hard to make sure this event was a success. THANK YOU ALL!!!
By the way, Hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.
Cape Cod Salties Foundation News 
CC Salties Foundation News

There are still a lot of nice plugs left so bring your wallets to the next meeting.
These are just some of the items left:
A size 11 pair of Pro Line Waders
Some Sebile plugs
Orca Plugs
Bombers and Yozuri plugs
Needlefish plugs
Metal lip plugs
Multiple sizes and quantities of soft plastics, many with the jig heads
A few photos representative of available plugs for sale.

Cape Cod Salties Foundation
2018 Foundation Donors
Copper (up to $49)
E Burke
Dick Kelly
S Israelian
Tackle Sale
John and Maxine Rice
Peter Richenburg
Bronze ($50+)
Harold Nichols
John Sorcenelli
Silver ($100+)
Rick Cain
J Creighton
K M Hibbard
Plug Sale
Hook, Line, and Eel Day
Barry Sullivan
Rich and Beverly Stec
Gold ($500+)
D Cavicchi
W Cottle
Platinum ($1000+)
Bass Pro Shops
D Dockery
J Dudac
Riverview Bait and Tackle
R Sherman
October Speaker
     Sorry, No speaker this month. Just good food, good fun and good friends!!!
Club Events


Next Club Meeting is November 28th at 6:30 pm
Salties Fish Tales
Bill Cottle, along with five other Salties including /Bruce MacLeod, Ed Burke, Ken Whiting, John Sorcenelli, and Dan Cavicchi went on a Deep Sea Charter at the end of October and limited out on Cod. Bill caught a nice fish that weighed twenty pounds

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