Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016 President's Message

October 2016 President’s Message

Jack is participating in the annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby this month

Club News and Information

October 2016 Fish Dinner - October 25th
 Paid reservations are due for the October Fish Dinner. Forms were available at the meeting and are available on our Website.
Click here for Fish Dinner Form

October Meeting Program Speaker  
     Not scheduled - October Fish Dinner

October Meeting Workshop Topic  
     Not scheduled - October Fish Dinner

One Day Derby Committee Report
     One Day Derby Committeeman, Ron Rodrigues, reviewed the current plans for the event to be held in 2017. It will be a two day event, June 10 and 11 with rain dates of June 24 and 25 Fishing begins 12:01 AM on Saturday and ends 3 PM on SundayyStriped Bass and Bluefish will be the only species targeted (boat and shore). Photos plus length and girth measurements will be required. All entries will participate in a raffle. The cost will be $5 per day for members and $10 per day for non-members. There will be a Pot Luck dinner of Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with participants bringing a side dish. The proposed location for the dinner is Bass Hole (Gray’s beach). The planning process will continue.

Search for Candidates
     Candidates for elections in December were solicited from the membership with emphasis on the positions of Vice President and President, which currently have no candidates.

Annual Banquet Request
     Reminder to get donations in early. Plug bucket, raffle items, gift certificates, fishing trips (boat and shore).

Barnstable Parking Rules being Enforced
     Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Lou MacKeil reported that the Town of Barnstable was enforcing parking sticker regulations around salt water locations. Fresh water areas do not seem to be affected. Marine Fisheries is checking with the town on the matter; and Lou will keep the club informed.

September Workshop

Fishing for Albies

     Terry Tessein. presented an informative session about Fishing for Albies. Terry stressed the fighting ability and beauty of these fall fish. Use a rod capable of 1 ½ oz lures or lighter. However, the reel must be strong to sustain long and fast runs. The usage of 8 to 15 pound fluorocarbon leader was recommended; and attachment of lure to leader should be accomplished with a loop knot to allow for better lure action. Lures, such as Deadly Dicks in green are a favorite. When releasing, plunge them head first into the water to force water over their gills. This will assist in obtaining a healthy recovery, after struggle induced lactic acid buildup. They are not good table fare.

Community and Environmental Service

2016 Canal Cleanup Day Report

    Bill Cottle summarized the successful completion of the event held on September 24. The weather was good and 27 folks participated. 22 trash bags were filled. The day concluded with a cookout prepared by Joe O’Claire and his crew. Two items to consider for next year are to schedule the cleanup in October or to schedule it for Earth Day in March. Thanks to Howard Mulhern for photographing the event. Click here for pictures of the day
    Salties APCC Volunteer of the Year Award

     The plaque presented on Aug 29, 2016 to the Cape Cod Salties for being selected as the APCC Volunteer Group of the Year was displayed at the September meeting. The Salties were cited for conservation work on herring runs and specifically for its very organized efforts in becoming the latest group to adopt and operate the Parkers River Annual Herring Counting Program in support of the science needed to monitor our waterways and ocean wildlife.

September Meeting Speaker

Quantum and Fin-Nor Gear Presentation - Al Cappi
    The Main Program Speaker, Al Cappi, is a representative of Quantum, Fin Nor and other Tackle Companies. The topic was salt water fishing tackle. Al reviewed a selection of his favorite rigs, including rod, reel, line, and lures. Lamiglass rods and Quatum reels (conventional and spinning) were demonstrated. Al opened his inventory of rods and reels for examination by the attendees after his talk.

Club Fishing Events

2016 In House Derby
The latest entry form is available on line.. 
     Click here for 2016 In House Derby information
Haddock Fishing Trip
     John Sorcenelli is chairing a Haddock trip scheduled for May 7, 2017(inclement weather date: May 14, 2017). Stay tuned for updates coming from John. 

Salties Fish Tales

At the September meeting, members communicated recent fishing experiences including Sharks and Groundfish aboard the Captain John, Pogies in Barnstable Harbor attracting Stripers, Bonito sighted in Rock Harbor, a large Bluefish caught on a fly rod by Lou MacKeil; and assistance given to stranded Dolphins in Barnstable Harbor.

Below, Ed Wagner (left) and Jay Wapole (right), show Albies caught off of Monomoy close to shore.


Below, IFAW personnel participate in a rescue of stranded dolphins, Member Mike Sosnowski encountered the event while fishing Pogies for Stripers in Barnstable Harbor.

Jack makes the MVD leader board with a 6 lb Bluefish on 9/22 and  a 16 pound Striper on 9/30.

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Send comments, pictures, and stories to pavicks71@gmail.com
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Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 2016 Newsletter

September 2016 President's Message

September 2016 President’s Message

Congratulations to the Salties for winning the APCC Volunteer of the Year Award, presented by the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, for our work in conducting the first herring count at Long Pond. A special thanks to organizer Randall Sherman and his crew of fifteen volunteers! Randall accepted the award at the APCC meeting on August 29.

I also have to congratulate Ed Wagner for a great job in writing the Salties report in the weekly Register.

A quick fishing report – the guys who are out there regularly are catching fish all over the Cape, but you have to work at it. Kent Dumont got a nice 35 pound bass on a six pack in Rhode Island out at the Block. Joe O’Clair’s grandkids got some jumbo fluke out of Bass River. So if old guys like Kent and young ones like those grandkids, those reading this, myself included, have no excuses.

In twenty-four minutes I will be getting in my truck to drive to Woods Hole to take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for the 71st Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Derby. The only one of the Salties who could make it out this year is John Sorcenelli. It will be great to have a night driver!

Randall will run the September meeting, and I will see you at the October Fish Supper.

Thanks, and hold tight!
Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)

Club News and Information

2017 Tentative Event Dates Announced 
  • March 11 - Awards Banquet
  • April 26 - Wives and Sweethearts Dinner
  • May 24 - Haddock Fishing aboard the 'Captain John'
    • Note May Fish Dinner cancelled
  • June 28 - One Day Derby
  • October 25 - Fish Dinner

September Meeting Program Speaker Al Cappi - Gear Pesentation
September Meeting Workshop Topic Tuna

2016 One Day Derby Committee Results

     The 2016 One Day Derby Committee resolved to cancel this year's event. A tentatvie date has been set for next year. In addition, a Haddock trip was added to the events calendar. Further details on the 2017 One Derby will follow from the committee.

Searching for a Vice President Candidate

     The Club Vice Presidency remains vacant. Besides assisting the current president, the Vice President assumes the role of President, upon completion of the Presidential term (the end of 2016). The position id open because the past Vice President left the club. If interested, give Jack Creighton a call.

Newsletter Changes Coming

     In order to reduce the effort of releasing the Newsletter each month, the Website version will be eliminated in the future. (Proposed date is October of 2016). Currently, the Newsletter is made available each month as an email and as an entry in the Website.

Community and Environmental Service

2016 Canal Cleanup Day Information

    Chairman, Bill Cottle, announced that the Cape Cod Salties annual Canal Cleanup date has been set for September 24. A sign-up sheet was passed around at the July meeting and updated at the August meeting.Additional volunteers can call Bill at 508-759-2348. Coffee and Donuts will be served prior to the clean-up activities and lunch (prepared by Joe O'Clair and his team) will be served upon completion. Gathering and food location is at the Cape Cod Canal Midway Recreation Area on Sandwich Rd (Opposite Gallo Ice Rink). The program will start between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.
    Salties is Awarded Volunteer of the Year Award by APCC

     On August 29th, at its Annual Meeting, The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) awarded the Cape Cod Salties Sportfishing Club its Volunteer of the Year Award, for conservation work on herring runs and specifically for its very organized efforts in becoming the latest group to adopt and operate the Parkers River Annual Herring Counting Program in support of the science needed to monitor our waterways and ocean wildlife.
This particular effort provides a base year of information from three months of data collection to compare for the future as the Parkers River bridge at Route 28 in W. Yarmouth is replaced over the next two years, which will result in a much greater tidal flow into Swan Pond which is the base of the herring run to Long Pond. The Award was presented by Jo Ann Muramoto of APCC who was the club's instructor in starting this effort. 

August Meeting Speaker

Freshwater Fishing - Mike Rosenthal
     Mike Rosenthal, a volunteer instructor with the Mass Wildlife Angler Education program, gave us an excellent overview by example of the quality of the Fresh Water Fishing seminars that are available to Massachusetts residents.
     Beginning with the premise that the fishing tools and techniques applied to Fresh Water angling are similar to but on a smaller scale than its Salt Water counterpart, Mike took us through the topics covered in a typical Learn to Fish program.
     Using the Mass Division of Fisheries and Wildlife's booklet entitled "Fishing Guide", which he distributed as a handout during the presentation, Mike highlighted the topics normally discussed at one of his "Learn to Fish Seminars'. The take away the Salties learned from the talk was the quality and completeness of the information covered in the booklet. It is a must have primer for those having grandchildren of children who are interested in fishing or, for that matter anyone, totally new to the sport of fishing.
    Beginning with a list of basic FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), such as: 'Do I need a license', 'Where can I go fishing', 'Can I eat what I catch', the booklet proceeds with topics of great help to a novice, including Rods and Reels, Casting, Knots, Live and Artificial Bait, Fish Anatomy, Setting the hook,reeling a fish in, and handling a caught fish. 
     Mike also demonstrated how to use the Mass Wildlife's website to mine information surrounding hatchery species, stocking dates, and lake depth charts.

Club Fishing Events

2016 In House Derby
The latest entry form is available on line.. 
     Click here for 2016 In House Derby information
Haddock Fishing Trip Announced
     John Sorcenelli will chair a Haddock trip in April of 2017. Stay tuned for details coming from John. 

Salties Fish Tales

John Sorcenelli went on a week long fishing trip to the Tanaku Lodge, Elfin Cove Alaska via Juneau Alaska June 30 through July 7. It was an all inclusive package consisting of float plane ride to and from Juneau,lodging,including three meals per day,five 8-9 hr fishing days on several boats,and fish processing with packaging into 50 lb. boxes for flight home.

     Junior member Archer George, was high hook on the Captain Luce Tournament trip of July 29. Thanks to Gary Merton for sending along the photo.

     A group of Salties went out on the Bad Influcence, off of Nantucket onAugust 10. They limited out on Sea Bass up to 4.5 pounds and also the group caught about 20 fluke. One fluke, John Sorcenelli's, was about 7 pounds.
     On the same trip, Jack tries to add inches to his Pabst Tournament Bluefish Tally.
Send Pictures, comments, and stories to pavicks71@gmail.com

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