Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 President's Message

As we stated last month, Ed Burke was in first place in the Luce Memorial with a nice 40” striped bass, and he held on to win. I came in second with a 39.5” and Terry Tessein was third with a 39” fish. Terry released his 39” catch and got a nice certificate from Stripers Forever for helping to preserve the fishery.
The Helen H Fluke Trip was a big success, with many members getting large numbers of fluke. One of Rick Cain’s guests won the pool for the biggest fish. Chairman Ken Whiting did a great job putting this trip together, and we ended up with a waiting list. If you get a chance to thank Ken at the next meeting, please do so. We have to keep our chairmen happy! The fluke that have been coming over the rails have been great in size and it appears that no matter what we read, the fluke and sea bass populations are much stronger than the state and feds realize.
On August 5, I had the opportunity to fish with Ken Whiting, Dan Cavicchi, and Michael Whitney in the 23rd Annual Joe Cronin Memorial Jimmy Fund Fishing Tournament. We were guests of Ken Whiting, who for the umpteenth year donated a masterful carving. This year it was a five-foot shark that took in $4,000 at the live auction. We were assigned to Ty-One-On with Capt. Ty Anderson, and we fished Bearses most of the day before heading down to Orleans. Although we did not weigh any fish in, we did have a great trip catching stripers and blues.
Independent of the Luce Memorial trips, several of us have gone out on The Striper with Capt. Jim Luce and The Bad Influence with Capt. Jeff Viamari. Yesterday we went out to Nantucket on Bad Influence and Capt. Jeff worked hard to put us on nice size fluke and jumbo black sea bass. To say it was a successful trip would be putting it mildly.
As I have repeatedly stated, you should really try to get out with one of these captains before the season closes – they both work especially hard to put you on fish.
At the last meeting I reported that we had received some donations from former member Ted Theodores. At the August meeting we are going to try to sell off two or three rods and reels that are ready to fish. So bring some money to the meeting! All proceeds will go into the Stan Daggett Scholarship Fund, per Ted’s request. The club certainly thanks him for his generous donation and for thinking of us.
Last Saturday Steve Davies got eight fish between 20 and 30 pounds in an hour and a half block of time at the canal. I went down Sunday and did not see a fish. Although skill is a requirement, luck of time and place also seems to play a big role. So if you are fishing the canal, you just have to stay at it.
In closing, don’t forget the in-house derby. Let’s send in some applications to keep chairman Bill Cottle busy. And don’t forget, anyone who submits at least one entry is in the drawing for a $100 gift certificate for the tackle shop of his or her choice (must be one of our sponsors).
Thanks, and hold tight!
Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)
P.S. An article from Southwick Associates written by Cody Larrimore states that anglers spend over $508 million dollars annually on fishing line, and his survey showed that 37% prefer monofilament, 34 % braid, and 26% fluorocarbon. Who says the fishing industry does not donate to the American economy??

Club News and Information

End of Year Salties Meeting Dates Announced
Best can do from the Senior Center:
  • November 30
  • December 28

August Meeting Program Speaker Mike Rosenthal - Freshwater
August Meeting Workshop Topic is not scheduled for this month

Updated Annual Fishing Derby Award Titles
     The following awards will be presented at the 2017 Awards Banquet:
  • John Shilicusky - Largest  Catch and Release Striped Bass on a Charter Boat
  • Captain Bob Luce - Largest Striped Bass on a local Charter Boat
  • Lou MacKeil - Largest Striped Bass from shore

Searching for a Vice President Candidate
     The Club Vice Presidency remains vacant. Besides assisting the current president, the Vice President assumes the role of President, upon completion of the Presidential term (the end of 2016). The position id open because the past Vice President left the club. If interested, give Jack Creighton a call.

Annual One Day Derby Committee Formed
     A committee, chaired by Kent Dumont, was commissioned by President Jack Creighton in order to study the interest, vialbility, and economics of this event. A report is due to the club for review at the August meeting of the Salties.

Community and Environmental Service

2016 Canal Cleanup Day Announced

    Chairman, Bill Cottle, announced that the Cape Cod Salties annual Canal Cleanup date has been set for September 24. A sign-up sheet was passed around at the July meeting; but any additional volunteers can call Bill at 508-759-2348. Coffee and Donuts will be served prior to the clean-up activities and lunch will be served upon completion. Gathering and food location is at the Cape Cod Canal Midway Recreation Area on Sandwich Rd (Opposite Gallo Ice Rink).

July Meeting Speaker

Harwich Artificial Reef - Mark Rousseau
     Mark Rousseau, a DMF (Department of Marine Fisheries) marine biologist and the Harwich artificial reef coordinator, spoke with the Salties during the July meeting about the man-made reef that was completed in June of 2016. The reef is located in Saquatucket Harbor, 2.8 miles out of Harwich.
     The reef was partially funded by the state Division of Marine Fisheries, using $146,000 generated from DMF's recreational saltwater fishing permits. The reef’s purpose is to create structure in an area of limited existing structure for the end result of building an ecosystem to foster the creation and sustainment of a fishery for Seabass, Tautog, Scup, and other species of marine life. Of course an additional benefit is the creation of an additional area for recreational fishing.
     The new reef was modeled after a similar project off the coast of Yarmouth. Both reefs have similar underlying structure similar depth, and distance from shore. The new reef is constructed from about 1800 cubic yards of miscast concrete catch basins and about 1000 yards of concrete foundation from the demolition of Harwich High school.
Actual reef constructed began in March of 2016 (after a long feasibility and approval process). The concrete structures were unloaded from a barges via a backhoe. The excitement from the publicity of construction start brought about a wave of Social Media ‘hits’ of over 30 thousand in 20 hours.
     A month later, on April 6, an exploratory dive revealed the habitation of Macro invertebrates and that no construction materials moved out of bounds. A second dive occurred on June 15, and fish were already present. A small Sea Bass was actually caught via rod and reel at the location.
     The new reef has been put in place for recreational fishing purposes, and the state has prohibited commercial fishing there. Currently, there are recreational boats fishing the reef. As the benthic community takes hold the reef will definitely grow in popularity.

Club Fishing Events

2016 In House Derby
The latest entry form is available on line.. 
     Click here for 2016 In House Derby information
2016 Captain Bob Luce Memorial Tournament Winners Announced
     The Captain Bob Luce tournament completed after 47 entrants fished across 7 trips. Captain Jim Luce was at the July meeting to present the awards for the longest three Stirped Bass caught.
     Below is Captain Jim with Ed Burke, first place winner with a 40 inch Striper.

     Second place went to JackCreighton; for a 39 1/2 inch Stiper and Thrid Place went to Terry Tessein for a 39 inch Striper (caught on a Fly Rod and subsequently released).

Salties Fish Tales

A Bad Influence trip on July 6 resulted in a limit of Fluke for the Fisherpeople. Here are a few of the larger fish.

July 13 will be remembered by Ken Whiting, who caught a 10.5 pound Fluke aboard a side trip on the Helen-H 
The same trip as above, John Sorcenilli with one of his Black Sea Bass. A fine specimen as well.
After winning the Luce Tournament, Ed Burke went out with Jay Wapole, chasing Fluke. Nothing was biting that day until Ed tried one of his Joe O'Clair flies. The lure was able to break the ice. Hey, a Sea Robin is a fish.

Aboard the Striper on July8,  part of the Luce Tournament. The group landed a few large Bluefish. Here is the group.


Here are a few fish from July 9. Again, a Luce Tournament trip on the Striper. A thank you to Howard Mulhern for helping with photos. 
The very successful Cape Cod Salties Fluke trip was held on July  21. Below, are a few photos. For additional pictures, click here

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 President's Message

Last month’s newsletter talked about some of the members who have been catching fish that I knew about. So here we go again! Capt. Jim Luce and mate Billy have been putting many members on fish on a regular basis. If you want to take out your family for a great day of fishing and fun, contact Capt. Jim on the Striper. Ask Ed Burke about his 40” striper that puts him in first place as I write on the Luce Memorial!This past Saturday Terry Tessein got a nice 39” fish on the Striper. Kent Dumont, on two or three different charters, but most recently on the Bad Influence with Capt. Jeff Viamari, has limited out on fluke each time. Jay Serijan got a monster fluke of 32” off Cotuit. Ken Whiting recently limited out on fluke on the Helen H. Even I got five fluke on the Bad Influence with the large being 25” and the small being 20”. Barbara Miller got the top striped bass on a recent striper trip with Capt. Luce. Terry Tessein got an 8 lb. 9 oz. fluke on the Bad Influence, and Jay Pavick got his limit for fluke on that trip. Lou MacKeil is getting small stripers in the Bass River every night. Dick Kelley, Dan Cavicchi, Jim Reilly, and Dick Nicholson all recently got nice fish on the Striper. Rumor has it that Joe O’Clair’s grandkids have been catching fish out of Bass River.

I think one of the things we should be most proud of is the camaraderie we have had on all these trips so far. How can you beat seeing David and Terry Tessein, father and son, trying to see who can get the biggest fish? Wayne and Barbara Miller seeing who can catch the biggest fish? Steve Misiewicz trying to beat his two daughters on the upcoming fluke trip? These are days that will make great memories for all of us. The only way we can know what you are doing as an individual is if you let us know. If other members want to let me know about their catches or another member’s, I would be happy to include the news here. As I said last month, if you want a good time on a fishing trip, members Jim Luce on the Striper and Capt. Jeff Viamari on the Bad Influence are the real deal. They certainly don’t monitor their time on the water or the gas they burn to put people on fish.

For those of you coming on the Helen H fluke trip on July 21, remember that it’s imperative to car pool because of the parking issue. And make sure you are there on time.

Last week the Division of Marine Fisheries in the Northeast met regarding the black sea bass quotas. I have not seen the outcome yet, but there is a strong indication that, regardless of how many sea bass are around, they might shorten the time period or lower the number you can catch per day. All the ground fishermen have to stay tuned to this important issue.

Finally, on a recent Striper trip, Capt. Luce and Mate Billy, along with the other five members of the club on board, made fun of my sneakers and my hat, so I have not slept well in the last 48 hours because of this harassment. But for anyone who goes on the trip on the 13th, I promise to be wearing the same hat and same sneakers!

Thanks, and hold tight!
Jack  (, 508 394-2983)

Club News and Information

The Final Fly Tying Class Completed on June 30th
Thanks to Instructor Joe O'Clair for sending this summary along.

About ten students signed up for six fly tying classes held at the South Yarmouth Library, held twice a month. Topics covered included:
  • The basic structure of fly tying
  • The use of tools 
  • An introduction to new synthetic materials
The students tied Striped Bass flies and Bluefish flies  also the students learned how to tie various styles of jigs.  Not only did the student have a good time , but they had a chance to make friends with other members.   It was the vote of the class to continue with some advanced tying next season.  Dick Kelly received the PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD. I felt it was one of he best class I ever taught.  
Shown above are Steve Israelian, Joe Apiscopa, Jaly Wapole, Dick Kelly, Bruce MacLeod, Rick Stec,along with instructor Joe O'Clair at the Jig Tying session of the Class Schedule.

July Meeting Program Speaker will be Mark Rousseau - Harwich Fishing Reef
July Meeting Workshop Topic is not scheduled for this month

New Club Award Announced
     A new award was proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the attendees at the June meeting. The award entitled,, the Lou MacKeil award, will be presented each year for the longest Striped Bass caught from shore, in honor of Lou's long history of service to the club and in recognition of his noted success as an expert Striped Bass fisherman.

Searching for a Vice President Candidate
     The Club Vice Presidency remains vacant. Besides assisting the current president, the Vice President assumes the role of President, upon completion of the Presidential term (the end of 2016). The position id open because the past Vice President left the club. If interested, give Jack Creighton a call.

Community and Environmental Service

"Salty" Featured in the Cape Cod Times

     In early July, the Cape Cod Times ran a story on the Great White Sharks identified via tagging efforts funded by individual and organizational contributions. One of the sharks in the line-up was our own "Salty" with the following caption:
     "Salty is a 12-foot male great white shark who was tagged in 2012. He has a white patch on his 4th gill cover. He was named on behalf of the Cape Cod Salties sportfishing club, who donated money to buy the tag."
Photo and text courtesy of the Cape Cod Times. 

Stanley Daggett Memorial Scholarship Awarded
This year's recipient of the Stanley Daggett Memorial Scholorship was announced by Secretary Randall Sherman at the June meeting of the Salties. His name is Philson Naquines; and although unable to attend, due to summer job commitments, he sent along this note:

My name is Philson Naquines and I would like to thank you for awarding me with the Stanley Daggett Memorial Scholorship. It really is an honor and I am very appreciative of the generous scholorship. I will be attending UMass Amherst for the Fall 2016 semester. I plan on majoring in Chemical Engineering because I feel like I will be able to make an impact on the world whether I choose to focus on materials, bio-chemical, or energy. Once again, thank you for awarding me this scholarship. It really will help me pay for books, supplies, and whatever else I need to further my education.
Best Regards,
Philson Naquines

June Meeting Speaker

No Speaker Program in June

A trio of Ground-Fishing experts from the club conducted a tutorial on Fluke Fishing

          In preparation for the July 21st Fluke Trip on the Helen H, John Sorcenelli, Randall Sherman, anad Kent Dumont, presented tips and techniques for Party Boat Fluke Fishing at the June meeting. In addition to sharing some of their own experiences with baits, rigs, and fishing protocol, they documented the following tips:
  • Car Pool Request - Helen H has a limited amount of parking
  • Bring enough rod (7' works well). bring a rigged spare, if possible
  • Braid or Mono line, 25 to 30 lb mono leader, Conventional reel works best. 
  • If spinning reel is used, it should be heavy enoguh to fish 60 to 100 feet of waer
  • Sinkers: 12 to 20 oz to hold bottom in the current and minimize tangles
  • Sun screen, hat, rain gear, long sleeve shirt, water, and lunch
  • Boat leaves at 7AM, be there earlly
  • Ask questions of fellow members and the mates
  • Spread out, do not crowd. Listen for the Captain to drop or pull lines
  • Captain will tell you how much weight to use
  • Drop line as fast as reasonable
  • Son't leave down so long that it tangles with other side fo boat
  • Simple rig:Single hook of Single hook with Stinger
  • Decorated rig - spinners, skirts, beds, etc. Use big enough hook (5/0 of better)
  • Boat supplies squid strips, possible fluke belly strps, and spearing
  • Bring your own whole squid, grocery store size

Below, Salties gather around a table of gear and rigs prepared by Kent, John, and Randall.
Questions were also answered at the demonstration table.

Salties Talent

Salties Fly Tying Students hard at work during the Jig Tying Session.

Club Fishing Events

2016 In House Derby

The latest entry form is available on line.. 
     Click here for 2016 In House Derby information

2016 Fluke and Sea Bass Trip abiard the Helen H

Currently Sold Out
Link to trip details

2016 Captain Bob Luce Memorial Tournament

June 7 was the kickoff of the Luce Memorial aboard the Striper out of Saquatucket Harbor. Team 'Captain' was Jack Creighton; and he sent along the following update:
     We had a  good day fishing, catching between twenty and twenty-five  8-12 pound bluefish, with 87 year old Joe Branzetti catching the largest fish at 36".

June 17 everyone got their limit of Stripers. The current pool leader of 40" caught by Ed Burke was posted today.

June 24 saw everyone catching fish, even if some were shorts; but the several keeper Stripers caught were enough for all to take home some filets. 
July 8: Jack Creighton - Full

July 9: Kent Dumont - Full

July 13 Jack Creighton - One opening

Salties Fish Tales

Shown below is the June 17th Bob Luce Memorial Tournament Trip. Everyone caught their keeper and Ed Burke's is the current Luce leader with a 40" Striped Bass. That's Ed, first on the left. Next to Ed from the left is Jack Creighton, Ken Whiting, Jay Pavick, Bruce MacLeod, and Kent Dumonmt.

Pictures below show two of the better Bass from the June 24th Luce Memorial trip.

Howard Mulhurn on the left with his good sized keeper.

Barbara Miller on the right with Captain Jin Luce holding Barbara's nice Striped Bass.

Below, Ken Whiting and Jay Pavick collect scales from a small Stiper. prior to release

Congratulations to Jack Creighton Winner of Week 2 largest catch in the Bluefish division! 
Send Pictures and Stories to

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