Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 President's Message

Here it is, the first of the year, and I understand how Donald and Hilary feel. After a very tough campaign, I won reelection as your president. Jay Pavick, exhausted as well, went to Maine to visit his daughter last week and Long Island to visit his son this week – all to get away from his stressful campaign for the vice-presidency. All this, while Steve Israelian shrugged his shoulders and said, “Let’s go to breakfast at Olympia!” while winning re-election as a member of the Board of Directors.
On January 11 at 6:00 p.m., at the Bourne Community Center, Room 1, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will hold a hearing on summer fluke. Anyone interested in this fishery should either attend the meeting or go on line and voice their concerns.
I think what you are going to hear going forward is that we as recreational fishermen have to do a better job at self-regulation. An example would be our going to 36” for a striped bass in our In-House Derby, but with a catch and release minimum of 28”. There are approximately 2,500 commercial striped bass licenses issued in the Commonwealth, and usually about 10% of those fishermen catch 90% of the commercial quota in MA. However, one of the things they do by catching that quota is to form up on places like off of Chatham and the Golf Ball down by Marconi Park so that the 600,000 independent recreational anglers know where the fish are lined up. What I mean is that we have to learn to self-regulate if we don’t want to deplete the striped bass fishery even more than we presently have. We can presently keep one striped bass per outing per day, and usually one striped bass will feed your family and the people on either side of you. So seven a week, in my opinion, would lead to waste. Let’s be the example-setters for other people on the Cape and not keep every fish that we catch, whether it’s striped bass, sea bass, fluke, just to name a few.
Some of our events are listed on the webpage for 2017. Besides the hearing this Wednesday, the next big event is the March 11 Awards Banquet at the Doubletree in Hyannis. As I have said over the last few years, you don’t have to receive an award to have this be a good time. There’s the social interaction with wives or significant others and the opportunity to talk about fishing, along with a chance to win some great prizes in our bucket raffles and silent auctions. And we also have the entertaining Bill Cottle with several live auctions. We are starting to get prizes turned in, but any one of you can either send something to me for the Awards Banquet – like a gift certificate – or bring it to the meeting in January or February. Of course, the sooner the better. Examples of prizes being donated this year so far are a used 6’ boat rod from John Sorcenelli, a four-drawer Plano tackle box from Bill and Mary Alice Cottle, a used boat rod and reel from former member Ted Theodores, and a year’s subscription to Fishing My Cape from Ryan Collins.
The past two years we have had 95 and 97 attendees, so this year we would like to have a number exceeding 100. If you have not come before, print out an application and send it in! The Awards Banquet is our only fundraiser of the year, and it supports our three scholarships and the other donations we make during the course of the year.
I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all the other elected officers and all our chairmen for the great job they have done over the last twelve months. Thanks to all!

Thanks, and hold tight! 
Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)
P.S.  John Sorcenelli would be mad at me if I didn’t mention the May 7 Haddock Trip on the Captain John. The application is on our website at

Club News and Information

Elections held at December Meeting
     Barry Sullivan of the Nominating Committee, announced the following slate of nominees:
          President                     Jack Creighton
          V-President                  Jay Pavick
          VP Envir. Affairs           Lou Mackeil
          Secretary                     C. Randall Sherman
          Treasurer                     Kent Dumont
          Director 3 Yr Term        Steve Israelian
All were voted in by the club membership in attendance unanimously.

January Meeting Program Speaker  
     Capt. Jerry Sparks - Boat and Kayak Fishing

January Meeting Workshop Topic  
     No Workshop Scheduled for January
     Typo error in December Meeting Workshop speaker: Sgt Slayton
           should be Sgt Clayton.

Proposed By-Laws Change
     Notice: to be voted on at the next meeting:
          Article V Board of Directors, Section 8 (New)
All Members of the BOD shall attend at least 75% of the scheduled BOD meetings in any calendar year.  Any BOD member failing to meet this requirement will forfeit their office upon a vote of the BOD, unless the BOD determines there were extenuating circumstances for the absences.

Annual Banquet Information
     Saturday, March 11, 2017
DoubleTree by Hilton Cape Cod 287 Iyannough Road, Route 28, Hyannis, MA

Raffles Open at 4:30 p.m.


5:00-6:00 p.m. Cocktails – Crackers & Cheese, Cash Bar
6:00 p.m. Buffet Dinner

Mixed Green Garden Salad with assorted dressings
Warm Dinner Breads with Butter
Sliced Bistro Steak, with wild mushroom sauce or bordelaise sauce New England Baked Scrod with cracker crumbs
 Baked Penne Pasta with Mozzarella Cheese
 Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes
 Wild Rice Pilaf
Roasted Root Vegetable Medley
Station of Assorted Cakes and Desserts
Starbucks Coffee and Tazo Tea Service

$35.00 per person, inclusive of all taxes

The DoubleTree is offering a special discount rate for five rooms at $94.00 plus tax on rooms that are regularly $129.00!

Click here for Banquet Form
Harwich and Yarmouth Artificial Reef Projects
    Brad Chase from Marine Fisheries gave the BOD an update on the Harwich and Yarmouth Fishing Reefs and future fundraising and materials needed to add to both during the 10 year permitting period.  One project is making reef balls locally that can be placed on the reefs once a quantity are ready, possibly with local volunteer labor and storage, then funding for placement.  Possible fundraising banquet in April in Orleans at the Land Ho. The BOD will communicate with local Natural Resources Offices for a possible project to assist in this process.

Atlantic Sates Marine Fisheries Commission - 2017 Fluke Regulations
     Six members of the Salties participated the January 11 public meeting reviewing 2016 harvests and potential actions resulting from that catch and the continued decrease in the estimate of the annual young of year count. On a positive note, Massachusetts remained under its allowed limit. Our neighbors (Ct, NY, NJ) are significantly over. The proposals for remediation included options for under limit states to contribute reductions to their 2017 bag limit to help offset the reductions necessary for over limit states.
Certainly, the feedback to the January 11 public meeting was the support for minimal to no change options for MA regulations.
     After the public commentary phase is completed at the end of January, we will await the Management Board Review and selection of Management Measures in February.

Club Fishing Events

2017 Haddock Fishing Trip
     Salties 2017 Haddock Trip 
Capt. John, Plymouth, MA 
Sunday, May 7, 2017
(Raindate May 21)
Leaves dock at 7:00 a.m.!
Cost: $50 Members (limited to 40)

Link to 2017 Haddock Fishing Trip Form


Annual In House Derby 2017
Information and entry forms for the In House Derby can be found on our website.

Salties Fish Tales

    Questions, Comments, Stories to  


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 2016 Newsletter

 December 2016 President's Message

Last month I started the president’s message with the first paragraph about dues for 2017. I would like to thank the 43 members who sent in a  $30 check, and I will hope to have 43 more send in their checks in December. Please print out and sign your renewal form, so that you will be covered under the club’s insurance policy.

At the November meeting, we discussed the bylaw change, presenting a change in term limits that will officially be voted on at the December 28 meeting.

I had offered rewards to the first five people to respond to me that they have read the book by Mark Kurlansky, Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World. As of today, just Jay Pavick and Dave Peterson have responded that they have read the book. I don’t know whether the rest of you have not seen this message, don’t enjoy reading, or have no interest in the ecosystem. The good part of only two responses is that we won’t have to spend as much on the rewards!

John Sorcenelli is moving ahead on the May 7 Haddock Trip. Sixteen people have signed up. That means we have 24 openings left. If you want to go, please send an email to John at

I have said this before, but I must restate that it appears the summer fluke quota will be reduced to three fish. This should have a big impact on the six-pack captains and the recreational fishermen at the same time. Stay tuned for any changes we might see in the black sea bass.

On December 12 there was a hearing in Bourne regarding menhaden. It is scary that our regulators do not use the science available to make their decisions. For trawlers to be allowed to scoop up tons of fish in one pass, and with the amount of by-catch that’s discarded, just shows that there have to be more controls, whether we like it or not.

No one has talked to me about fishing, so I don’t know whether there are any fish being caught.

On a sad note, we lost Terry Tessein on November 26 in his sleep at home. This is the first time since I have been a member that we have lost an active member who contributed on a regular basis to the well being of the club. The board of directors and the membership, at the November meeting, voted to institute the Terry C. Tessein Memorial Scholarship, and checks of support can be mailed to the club at PO Box 1183, South Dennis, MA 02660.

In closing, don’t forget our election is December 28. Presently we have Steve Israelian running for re-election for the board of directors. If you are interested in any elected position, contact one of the members of the nominating committee: Barry Sullivan ( , George Ford ( , and Joe Apiscopa ( .

Thanks, and hold tight!
Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)

Club News and Information

Club Loses Terry Tessein                              Terry Tessein Scholorship Announced

Terry was an iconic member of the club, representing all the best of what the Salties stand for. He will be greatly missed.
As a conservation enthusiast he initiated the New England Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association. 
He was a member of many other organizations including Ducks and Trout Unlimited and many area fishing clubs. 
He was an active member of the Cape Cod Salties and supported many of their education programs such as the Learn to Fish Day, seminars with MA Environmental Police, and offered several presentations to share much of his own knowledge with the club. He held deep feelings for his affiliation with the Cape Hatteras Anglers where he was a charter member when the club was formed in 1957, member number fifteen, and loved to take annual migrations to Cape Hatteras for December Surf Fishing. Terry was published in The Fisherman, On the Water, Saltwater Sportsman, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Field and Stream, and had a weekly column in the Barnstable Register. He was a member of New England Outdoor Writers Association. A life objective was to write a book; he authored Fly Fishing Boston.

The Terry C. Tessein Memorial Scholorship was proposed to the Club by Pauline, Terry's wife and David, his son. The members of the club approved unanimously. Donations may be made to the Cape Cod Salties P.O.Box 1183, South Dennis, MA 02660-1183 in care of the Terry C. Tessein Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will support students with a passion for conservation and love of the outdoors.

December Meeting Program Speaker  
     No speaker scheduled for December

December Meeting Workshop Topic  
     No Workshop Scheduled for December

Search for Candidates
     Candidates for elections during the December meeting are being solicited from the membership with emphasis on the position of Vice President (Jack graciously agreed to remain President for a third term. Thanks Jack!). Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the December meeting.
     In order to accommodate a third term for a president of the club, the bylaws had to be updated. This was completed by member Barry Sullivan and approved by the membership at the November meeting.
     Elections will be held at the December meeting.

Annual Banquet Request
     Reminder to get donations in early. Plug bucket, raffle items, gift certificates, fishing trips (boat and shore).

2017 Salt Water Fishing License Availalble
    2017 permits will be available for purchase online, at the Office of Environmental Affairs and at permit vendors beginning Thursday, December 1. Permits are $10 each (free for anglers 60 years of age and over), and offer a full calendar year of fishing in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut state waters.
     Starting on Thursday, to get your 2017 permit online, click here. Please note, when buying a permit online, that the convenience charge has changed. Instead of a single fee of $1.85, the Active Outdoors charges are now the administrative handling charge ($1.34) and a 3% convenience fee ($0.34).
     Or you can call to purchase over the phone: 1-866-703-1925.
Available Monday through Sunday, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
     Thanks to Steve Israelian for sending this information in.

November Workshop


     Sgt. Slayton, from the MA Environmental Police, outlined the mission and responsibilities of his organization to our group.Two of the key items were Marine Law Enforcement and Boating Education. Under Boating, the investigation of accidents and the reporting of the documented information to the Coast Guard were most important. It was interesting to find out that boating vessels include SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) these days, as their usage is growing tremendously. The use of Float Plans was stressed for normal sized boats.
     Communication awareness now includes the usage of social media these days including Facebook and Twitter.In addition, there is association with aligned groups such as North America (NA) Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association, the NA Game Warden Museum, and the International Wildlife Crimestoppers. Relationship building in the form of talks to organizations such as the Salties continues to be developed by the Environmental Police as well.

November Speaker

     Cynthia Wigren, Executive Director and Co-founder, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, presented the program: "Awareness Inspires Conservation" to the Salties at the November meeting. Her goal is to perform and fund research, analyze the results, educate the public, and promote the study of shark ecology among our student population.
     In their first year, 2013, they contributed to MSRP's (Massachusetts Shark Research Program) 'Movements of White Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean' purchasing ten acoustic tags, partially funding tagging vessels and fully funding spotter plane expenses. Sharks were tagged and tissue samples were taken. Education consisted of presenting to over 500 students and adults about sharks and shark research.Work in the years of 2014 and 2015 research work contributed to MSRP's 'Local and Regional Population Estimates of the White Shark' and 'Movements of White Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean' studies. 42 White Sharks were tagged and 168 white sharks ID'd and cataloged. Education consisted of launching an education initiative, the Gills Club,, to jumpstart girls' interest in STEM subjects and connect them to the science behind shark research.
     Of note for us,Salty, outfitted with the club's funded acoustic tag, returns to the Cape area every year. Also of interest is the result that the highest number of shark detection during a season is October with September being a close second. Communications, in the form of Social Media usage, has now progressed to the point where an App "Sharktivity' can be downloaded which will provide shark sighting information and photos of sightings. In addition, social media in the form of online videos captured by professionals and the public are now available. One such video documented a seal attack by a White Shark which resulted in the shark nearly stranding itself as it pursued the seal to the beach. Cynthia noted that this stranding phenomenon is somewhat unique to Cape Cod dye to the low water geography of the Cape shoreline.
     Cynthia's presentation was well received by the audience. 

Club Fishing Events

2017 Haddock Fishing Trip
     John Sorcenelli is chairing a Haddock trip scheduled for May 7, 2017(inclement weather date: May 21, 2017). A interest sheet was passed around at the November meeting.Forms and detailed information will be coming from John in the future.The fare will include rod and reel rental, bait and tackle.

Salties Fish Tales

Club member Winston Chiong with a nice bass caught from a Bay Beach

    Questions, Comments, Stories to  

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 2016 Newsletter

November 2016 President's Message

Dues, dues, dues!!! It’s that time of year again!  I would appreciate your getting them in as soon as possible. It will make it easier for me. Please mail your 2017 dues to Jack Creighton, 10 Homer Ave., South Yarmouth, MA 02664.

Bylaw change, bylaw change, bylaw change! Bylaw chairman Barry Sullivan will present a change in the term limits for discussion in November, and we will vote in December.

I recently read a book by Mark Kurlansky called Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World. The book was written in 1997, and that’s the scary part. It discusses all the shortcomings of fishery management and also of the people of the world and their insatiable demands. The next five people who tell me they have read it will get a surprise at the awards banquet in March. (For those who thought the Revolutionary War was about the tea, you will discover that free trade and the codfish were the real culprits.)

A quick fishing report! In the last two weeks, Jay Pavick has gotten about sixteen stripers at the canal, and Bruce MacLeod caught a twelve pound wahoo in Hawaii. Keith Ritchie caught an 8.5 pound bluefish in Cape Cod Bay, and he also just returned from catching steelheads on his annual trip to Pulaski. Ken Whiting had one out of two successful trips on the Helen H and, though not confirmed, it is my understanding that Kent Dumont and some of his men caught a boatload of tautog. Bill Dulude has been catching trout at different locations on the Cape, when he is not digging littlenecks and picking up oysters in Chatham by the basketful! Lou Mackeil has been picking off stripers on his fly rod nightly. The only reason that these are the only folks listed is that these are the only guys who talk to me.

It would be nice to get a candidate for vice president for our November 30thmeeting. At this meeting I will officially appoint Barry Sullivan, chairman, and George Ford and Joe Apiscopa committee members for the nominating committee. They will present the slate for vote in December.

In closing, it would be great is if each of you could get some kind of gift or prize for the Awards Banquet in March at the Doubletree. Unless someone takes it over, I will chair the Awards Banquet and try to appoint a committee on November 30.

Thanks, and hold tight!
Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)

P.S. I will have tickets with me at the November meeting for the Holiday Cookie Stroll in Bass River, if anyone is interested. Tickets are $15, and the stroll is on December 10 from 10-3. The event sells out annually! (A happy wife is a happy life.)

Club News and Information

October 2016 Fish Dinner 
     Over ninety members, spouses, and friends enjoyed a home cooked meal of fresh Cod, vegetables, salad, bread, and pie on October 26 at the Yarmouth Seniors Center. Lou MacKeil, Randell Sherman, and Joe O'Clair led the team in the preparation of the entrees and salad. Thank you to Howard Mulhern for his help with photography.
     Take a look at the October 2016 Fish Dinner photos at our website.
Click here for Fish Dinner Photos

November Meeting Program Speaker  
     Cynthia Wigren - Shark Study Update

November Meeting Workshop Topic  
     DMF Sgt. Kevin Clayton - North American Game Warden Museum

Search for Candidates
     Candidates for elections in December are being solicited from the membership with emphasis on the positions of Vice President and President, which currently have no candidates.

Annual Banquet Request
     Reminder to get donations in early. Plug bucket, raffle items, gift certificates, fishing trips (boat and shore).

October Workshop and Meeting Speaker

Not scheduled because of the Fish Dinner. 

Club Fishing Events

2016 In House Derby
Fish through November 30!
     Click here for 2016 In House Derby information

2017 Haddock Fishing Trip
     John Sorcenelli is chairing a Haddock trip scheduled for May 7, 2017(inclement weather date: May 21, 2017). Stay tuned for updates coming from John. 

Salties Fish Tales

A group of Salties went out on the Bad Influence for early Tog fishing in October.



     Jay Pavick landed several schoolies at the canal in early November. Here is one just shy of the frying pan at 27 inches..

Below is a twelve pound Wahoo caught by Bruce MacLeod during a November trip to Hawaii.

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