Sunday, February 18, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 President's Message

Hello, Fisherpeople!
Since I last spoke with you, Bruce MacLeod and I traveled to Danvers for the ASMFC meeting regarding haddock and codfish. This was a frustrating trip, and sometimes it is easy to see why the fishery is in disarray. I gave an update on this at the last Salties meeting. Most recently, Ken Whiting and I attended a symposium in Rhode Island regarding the Magnusson Stevens Act. One of the things that became very apparent at the symposium was the fact that recreational fishermen are not on any boards up and down the East Coast. You can get your own updates on the fishery by searching for NOAA Fisheries and MA Department of Marine Fisheries.
We are within 30 days of our only fundraiser of our only fundraiser of the year, and we hope to see all of you there. As you know, this year’s Annual Banquet is on March 3 at the Doubletree Inn in Hyannis. You can get an application to attend on our website. If you have anything you would like to donate, like gift certificates you have not used, or new/lightly used fishing gear, you can bring it to the Feb. 28th meeting or contact me to pick it up.
In the past we have asked all members to bring in a new plug for the plug bucket, which is one of the raffle prizes awarded at the banquet. You can bring plugs in on the 28th, also. I would like to thank Richard Kelley and George and Joan Ford, who have already donated gift certificates.
The Annual Banquet is our only fundraiser and we need your participation through donations and attendance to make it a success.
Just to give you an example, our lawyer, under the direction of Randall Sherman, has submitted all the paperwork for the Cape Cod Salties Foundation. This will allow us to accept donations and grants for the new updated reef in front of Bass River. This is an unbelievable project for us to be involved in, and events like the Annual Banquet are how we help to fund it.
I hope to see every member at the March 3 banquet for socialization and support of all our events.
The 10th Annual Yard Sale being run by former Salties president Gary Brown for the benefit of the Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center will be held at the Riverway Restaurant on April 21 from 8:30-2:30. All proceeds go to this worthy cause. The Salties will have a table at this event. This is again how we use the money we raise.
Don’t forget about two fishing shows coming up next month!
  • RISSA/New England Salt Water Fishing Show, Providence, RI, March 9-11
  • MA Striped Bass Show, Pembroke, MA, March 24-25
In closing, please plan on attending your Annual Banquet on on March 3, and please consider donating something as a raffle prize
Thanks, and hold tight! 

Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)

Club News and Information

February Meeting Speaker     
Shanti Sport Fishing - Bass, Blues, Tuna, Shark

Introduce Yourself 360*
This month Introduce Yourself 360* was introduced. After the Pledge of Allegiance everyone introduced themselves to everyone else sitting around them. This is to get people more familiar with your fellow fisher people. You get to know more about people who have the same interests and get enjoyment from the same things that you do. 
Cape Cod Salties Sport Fishing Club Foundation
Lots of progress has been made towards getting the foundation 501 3c status.
The Board of Directors recommended Randall Sherman to be the Chairman of the foundation as well as the adoption of the bylaws of the foundation. Motions were brought to the membership for these two issues, they were voted on and unanimously approved.
Interest Groups
The club is still looking at the formation of some special interest groups. This will allow people to interact and even fish with others with their particular interests such as surf fishing, boating, shell fishing etc. So far the club has started a fly fishing/tying group headed up by Bill Cottle, so if you are interested grab Bill at our next meeting. More group formations are just around the corner so come to the meeting and be a part of it.
Environmental Affairs
President Jack Creighton gave his report on the January 24th meeting of New England Coastal Fisheries on Cod and Haddock in Danvers MA. One of the issues was a possible penalty to Massachusetts for going above their Cod quota by way of it being a bycatch of Haddock. One proposed penalty was to close haddock fishing in the month of May, please refer to the survey in Jack's latest email to everyone and select option 1 so we do not loose our haddock fishing during the month of May. CLICK TO TAKE SURVEY
Also stressed the importance of proper resuscitation and release of all species as an improperly released striped bass can take 7 to 10 days to die. 
Spring Haddock Trip
Don't forget to sign up early for this trip, it was hugely successful last year and everyone had a great time fishing together. As of the end of the January meeting this trip was already 25% booked. Don't be left on the dock, sign up today!
Dues - Dues - Dues
As the new year starts please remember that your annual membership fee is due so please get it in early as those funds go to so many worthwhile things within the club.
Click here to access the Membership Form.

Annual Banquet - Mark Your Calendars - March 3, 2018
We have the annual banquet coming up in March and to drive up the membership all are encouraged to bring a guest or two who might want to join the Salties. Donations are being solicited  for our raffles, which provide additional needed funds for the club. contact President Creighton for additional information.
Click here to access the 2018 Annual Banquet Form.
Also don’t forget the Wives and Sweethearts dinner in April, it might be the last time you see them until the this fishing season comes to a close.

Book Report Suggestion
Jay Walpole suggested members give short book reports on related books that they have read that would be of interest to other Salties.
The same might be done for fish related recipes 

January Meeting Speaker

We were supposed to have someone from the Coast Guard come and talk to us about boating safety....BUT, due to the government shut down at this time they were unable to attend. Jay Walpole was however able to find us a fantastic last minute replacement, Brad Morse from Paine Hollow Oyster Co. came in to talk about aquaculture. Brad has a 2 1/2 acre grant to farm oysters. He brought us through how he accomplishes what he does from seeding to harvesting and all the equipment and supplies needed along the way. I challenge you to find anyone more excited and enthusiastic about there full time job than Brad. He explains his work on and in the water as almost spiritual and how he has found his calling after trying many other jobs.

Club Fishing Events

Haddock Trip 2018


Salties 2018 Haddock Trip 
Capt. John, Plymouth, MA 
Friday, May 4, 2018
(Rain Date May 6)
Leaves dock at 7:00 a.m.!
Cost: $50 Members (limited to 40)

Salties Fish Tales

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 President's Message

Hello, Fisherpeople!

This past Tuesday, five of us went to MA Maritime Academy to speak on draft Addendum XXX with ASMFC regarding the black sea bass. About 50 people attended, and after much discussion, we voted to support Table B2. This change in the law will potentially increase the days for black sea bass fishing in Massachusetts from 102 to 185, a gain of 83 days. We also voted to have this remain in place for two years. If you would like to send an email in support of the vote we took, please send your email to (Subject line: Draft Addendum XXX), asking for support for the above-listed B2 for two years.

I recently emailed our US MA Senators Warren and Markey asking for their support on the Magnuson-Stevens Act, and I received emails from both thanking the Salties and me for our input. The next piece of legislation that I will be involved in comes up on Wednesday, January 24, when Board of Directors member Bruce MacLeod and I will attend a meeting of the NEFMC in Danvers, MA regarding recreational measures for the fishing year 2018, specifically with regards to Gulf of Maine cod and haddock fishing and possibly Georges Bank cod fishing. Before we leave the legislation section, I wanted you to know that I had sent out a general broadcast last weekend regarding the black sea bass meeting on Jan. 9. For the first time we had most of the 200 emails rejected, and it was not until early Monday and Tuesday of this week that the members actually received the message. No one was intentionally left out of the meeting notice.

Thanks to the sixteen people who have already registered for the Annual Banquet on March 3. I hope the rest of you will get your registrations in as soon as possible.

To the 41 of you who have sent in your 2018 dues, thank you. To the other 210, please write your check and send it in ASAP.

Here is the news on our two big charter boat rental fishing trips. John Sorcenelli has May 4 scheduled for the haddock trip on the Captain John, and Ken Whiting has July 19 for the Helen H fluke trip. When these trip applications become available, if you intend to go, get the applications in as soon as possible, because both of these trips will sell out.

We will have the plug bucket available for donations at the January 24 and February 28 meetings. Please bring something in to donate. If you have gift certificates that you have not used and do not intend to use, or even better would like to turn in as potential prizes, please bring them also.

Here are the dates for some of the fishing shows that will be starting up quickly:
  • Fly Fishing Show, Marlborough, MA Jan. 19-21
  • New England Fishing & Outdoor Show, DCU Center, Worcester, MA, Jan. 26-28
  • RISSA/New England Salt Water Fishing Show, Providence, RI, March 9-11
  • MA Striped Bass Show, Pembroke, MA, March 24-25

The January 2018 Fisherman Magazine reported that two MA House of Representatives members filed House Bill 465 and House Bill 466 regarding taking away commercial striped bass fishing in MA and other guidelines regarding striped bass fishing in our state. You can google these bills at the MA House with the corresponding numbers to get an outline. This is something we should monitor.

In closing, please plan on attending your Annual Banquet on March 3, and please consider donating something as a raffle prize. I hope that on January 24, we can get off to a great start for fishing on Cape Cod in 2018!

Thanks, and hold tight!

Jack  (jecreighton45@gmail.com508 394-2983)

Club News and Information

January Meeting Speaker     
January 24 - Coast Guard - Safety

December Elections        
The Election of Officers as nominated were proposed as follows:
  • Vice President: C. Randall Sherman
  • Secretary: Barry Sullivan
  • BOD 3 year term: Bruce Macleod
  • BOD 2 year term: Bill Delude
  • Per prior notice: Bill Cottle moved to Past President/Trustee position as per bylaws and BOD
No further nominations came from the floor. A Motion to elect the slate of officers as presented was proposed and seconded, followed by a unanimous vote of yes by the attendees.

Click here t view the 

By Laws Updated
Barry Sullivan of Bylaw Committee moved and read the bylaw changes
  • Add reference sentence for scholarship grants
  •  Add new Article III the anti-discrimination clause
  •  Add reference that CCS and BOD would comply with a new Conflict of Interest Policy (To be attached, not in By Laws)
This was seconded and passed unanimously.

Environmental Affairs
President Creighton mentioned an article in the December 12th edition of the Cape Cod times regarding the hearings to move the massive herring trawlers farther out from shore to protect this resource. There are several proposals that range from not moving the trawlers to moving them 50 miles out. We are hoping that a compromised solution can bring about a positive change.

One of our members brought up an opportunity. He participates in a Kayak Cleanup that is coordinated through the Cape Cod Trout Unlimited; and invited others who like to kayak to join them. During their outings they not only clean up some of our natural resources; but also get in some good fishing while doing it. We look forward to more information on this real soon.

Sub Committees to be Formed
Be sure to attend the January meeting as there will be suggestions for some sub committees within the club such as Shell Fishing, Surf Fishing, Fly Fishing and more. This would be a great opportunity to expand your fishing experience and learn from others while sharing your knowledge with the rest of the group.
A motion was made by Bill Cottle to make the Cape Cod Salties annual donation of $250.00 to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund. The motion was seconded and the club voted unanimously for this traditional donation.

Dues - Dues - Dues
As the new year starts please remember that your annual membership fee is due so please get it in early as those funds go to so many worthwhile things within the club.
Click here to access the Membership Form.

Annual Banquet - Mark Your Calendars - March 3, 2018
We have the annual banquet coming up in March and to drive up the membership all are encouraged to bring a guest or two who might want to join the Salties. Donations are being solicited  for our raffles, which provide additional needed funds for the club. contact President Creighton for additional information.
Click here to access the 2018 Annual Banquet Form.
Also don’t forget the Wives and Sweethearts dinner in April, it might be the last time you see them until the this fishing season comes to a close.

Book Report Suggestion
Jay Walpole suggested members give short book reports on related books that they have read that would be of interest to other Salties.
The same might be done for fish related recipes 

Ron Rodrigues to Take Over Our Monthly Newsletter Publication
Ron has volunteered to author our monthly Newsletter, as I have assumed the role of Treasurer. I will work with Ron over the next few months to help him in his new role. Thanks Ron for providing the input and word smithing for this month's publication! Ron can be reached at

December Meeting Speaker

No speaker, as December elections were held.

Club Fishing Events

Salties Fish Tales

President Jack Creighton Recognized in MV Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby History

Since1989, the MVSA has had 23 Grand Leaders and 3 Grand Prize winners. Jack was cited for impressive accomplishments along with others. See Jack's award list below.
 Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, 1989-2017
Jack Creighton
         2015 George H. Pye Award, Senior Non-Resident Shore Bluefish
         2015 Madison Alwardt Award Senior Shore Bluefish

Congratulations Jack!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 2017 Newsletter

December 2017 President's Message

The December meeting will be on Friday, Dec. 15, due to the holidays.

As you know, we scheduled two Friday night meetings in November and December this year, and membership was down just a tad as a result of that. Next year we are fortunate that the meetings in the first eleven months will be on the fourth Wednesdays, and December will be on the third Wednesday.

Our thoughts all year have been to have elections in December, along with rehashing of the previous eleven months. A positive thing for the elections this year is that we have one candidate for each position. If you are interested in running for something, please submit your name to me via email, or enter your name at the meeting on Friday night.  Besides the elections, we will continue our efforts to upgrade the bylaws to accommodate the new foundation by voting on two changes Friday night. The first will be a non-discrimination clause, and number two will be a conflict of interest policy. Both of the bylaw changes will be to accommodate our state and federal tax-free designation.

This is a good time to remind everyone that dues will be due as of January 1st, except for new members who have joined since September, and you will make my job much easier by paying your dues as soon as possible. Applications will be available on the table at the Friday meeting, as well as attached to my meeting reminder coming out soon.

The Annual Banquet will be on March 3rd at the Doubletree in Hyannis. We are hoping that everyone who plans on attending can try to get a guest couple to join them. It’s a great opportunity for all members to network.

The president also had a pipe dream of trying to get 100 new members in 2018. As you realize, 100 members would bring in $3,000 additional dollars that could help us with the 501©3 status and also with our work with the Bass River reef, which should improve fishing for all of us.

The last thing to be discussed on Friday will be the forming of new committees, such as fly fishing, ground fishing, surf fishing, and boat fishing, to name just a few. Plan on attending, and we will appreciate your input.

Thanks, and hold tight!

Jack  (, 508 394-2983

Club News and Information

December Meeting Speaker     
December 15 - No Speaker - Club Elections

December Elections        
Appointment made by the Board of Deirectors (BOD)
  • Trustee - Bill Cottle
Per the Bylaws, the BOD can take action to fill a vacated seat. The Trustee seat has been vacant; and the BOD appointed past president and BOD member Bill Cottle to fill the vacated position of Trustee.
Nominations, prior to the December 15 election meeting, are below:
  • Vice President (Foundation Chair) - Randall Sherman
  • Secretary - Barry Sullivan
  • BOD (unexpired term from Bill Cottle) - Bill Dulude
  • BOD (full 3 year term) - Bruce MacLeod
The Nominating Committee will accept nominations from the floor for available positions prior to elections or, you can email your intent to Jack.

Environmental Affairs
VP Environmental Affairs Lou Mackeil reported on Striped Bass Young of the Year from DMF as being 2 to 3 points higher than the 60 year average.

Pres. Creighton reported that AFSME voted to increase the quota on Menhaden in spite of 99% of submitted comments supporting the conservation measured proposed.  We need to continue to testify and support conservation measures.

2018 Annual Banquet
The annual fundraising Banquet will be held March 3 at the Double Tree Inn. Members are encouraged to bring a guest in order to help the fund raising effort and to help expand our membership in 2018.

501 -3 (C) Status
Article X of the Bylaws has been updated to include a process for dissolution, should the need arise, as requested by our CPA. In addition, a non discrimination clause, and a conflict of interest policy, will necessitate further additions to our bylaws. As our attourney develops these updates, they will be presented to the membership for approval.
A copy of our bylaws in full can be viewed on our Salties website. Here is a link

November Meeting Speaker

Jay Walpole introduced the main speaker Brad Chase, a Marine Fisheries Biologist from DMF, who reported on state wide and cape projects involving sea run fish. The Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) manages the state’s commercial and recreational saltwater fisheries and oversees other services that support the marine environment and fishing communities. Brad leads the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Diadromous Fish Biology and Management Project.  Diadromous fish migrate between fresh and salt waters. Some fish, like river herring, migrate from the ocean to spawn in fresh water ponds, while other fish, like American eels, migrate to our fresh ponds as juveniles and migrate back to the ocean as adults to spawn.
There are over 100 herring runs in Massachusetts, with a number on Cape Cod. Biologists estimate that one hundred fifty years ago, each run may have supported a million fish. Today, it’s a fraction of that number. There’s no one culprit at which to point the finger, more like a dozen.
New England’s river herring (there are actually two species – alewives and blue-backs) face incredible challenges. During their oceanic phase, they are caught in large numbers by commercial fishermen targeting altogether different species. Nutrient pollution and resulting algal blooms can produce deadly conditions in near-shore waters. Rising water temperatures are rendering certain areas uninhabitable, and also exacerbate the effects of nutrient run-off. That’s all before the fish get to a river.
There, the effects of climate change are again an issue; extremes in precipitation (or lack thereof) can translate into water levels being either two low or two high when herring need to navigate a river.
And, finally, there are the rivers, themselves. Many have been blocked by roads, dammed for small-scale hydropower, or diverted through cranberry bogs. There are fewer trees shading rivers, and less dead wood in the rivers, leaving herring far more exposed to avian predators.
Given that litany, it’s not the river herring’s decline that seems unbelievable, but rather, the fact that there are any of them left at all. And yet, there are. In fact, the statewide trend in Massachusetts appears to be a slight increase in river herring numbers in recent years
He also noted that due to changing conditions, the Rainbow Smelt range has moved 400 miles north in 75 years!
Brad highlighted new restoration projects on the Cape, including Mill Creek in Sandwich and Miss Thatchers Pond in Yarmouth. We thanked him and DMF for the fish ladder improvement to the Long Pond Herring Run. Regarding the Yarmouth Tire Reef, 6000 tires were deployed in 1978 and recent dives documented  many fish on the reef. Brad reported that there is plenty of permitted area for our proposed reef enhancement project.

Club Fishing Events

2017 Annual In House Derby Leaderboard
  • Shore bass fly rod :
    • 29.5 inches X 15.5 inches, Bill Cottle 5/3/17
    • 28.0 inches X 14 inches. Bill Cottle 5/15/17
  • Shore bluefish:
    • 10 lbs. 13 oz., Jack Creighton 5/18/17
  • Boat Bluefish: 
    • 12 lbs 12 oz Francis Miller 7/27/17
    • 12 lbs. Jack Creighton 7/12/17
  • Striper catch and release:
    • 41 inches X 21 inches Bill Cottle 9/19/17
    • 38 inches X 20 inches. William "Nick" Nicholson 6/2/17
    • 35" X 20.5" Nick Nicholson 5/23/17
    • 33" X 17" Jay Pavick 7/12/17
  • Boat Striper:
    • 32 lbs 8 oz Bruce MacLeod 7/12/17
    • 30.7 lbs Joe Healey 6/3/17
    • 28 lbs 8 oz Jack Creighton 6/29/17
  • Striper Charter Boat
    • 32 pounds 8 ounces: Bruce MacLeod. 7/12/17
    • 30 pounds 11 ounces: Joe Healey. 6/3/17
    • 28 pounds 8 ounces: Jack Creighton. 6/29/17
  • Striper Surf
    • 28 lbs 11 oz Jay Pavick 8/24/17
    • 23 lbs 3 oz Jack Creighton 8/19/17 
  • Fluke:
    • 10 pounds 1 ounce: Ken Whiting. 6/26/17
  • Black Sea Bass:
    • 4 pounds 2 ounces: Jay Pavick. 6/2/17
  • False Albicore
    • 24" X 16" Jack Creighton 9/11/17
  • Unusual Catch:
    • Striper Head after a Great White ate rest of fish: Bruce MacLeod

Salties Fish Tales

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